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I just got home from watching The Man Who Invented Christmas. It was spectacular! As a fiction writer, I especially enjoyed watching Charles Dickens go through the various stages of writing. From staring at a blank sheet of paper, to procrastinating, to brainstorming for names of characters, and, finally, to where the characters come to life in the author’s mind and they begin to write their own stories. Yet the author remains in control of the book. I liked how the movie perfectly illustrated the frustration of interruptions to a writer. I know fiction authors will get much enjoyment from this film, but it’s not exclusively for their enjoyment. I attended the cinema tonight with eight other people. I was the only fiction writer amongst them. Yet they loved it, too!

Having watched A Christmas Carol during the Christmas season for many years, I know many of the lines by heart. It was simply entertaining and stirring to see the story behind the writing of the book. The writers, actors, and directors of this film did a superb job. The film was both amusing and heartwarming. In the same way that A Christmas Carol pulls at the heartstrings, so does The Man Who Invented Christmas. So if you’re looking for a clean, wholesome, feel-good movie for the holidays, I highly recommend this one.

For an excellent review (written and video) of The Man Who Invented Christmas, click here.


One thought on “A Movie for Writers, and Everyone Else

  1. Eric says:

    I most definitely want to see this.

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